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Who is Soma Clinic?

SOMA CLINIC is a multi-modality clinic that provides each client with tailored solutions from different modalities, merging them into a single space.

LAYERED HEALTH is a recognition that

For all labelled conditions, there can be several layers of pathology that are often inter-connected.

For example, someone coming in with a skin problem can be treated by targeting both the skin and the digestive system. A person coming in for for hypogalactorrhea (insufficient breast milk supply) can be helped by treating the lymphatic system. And someone going through a stressful phase in their life can often be helped by treating at the level of the muscles and fascia.

LAYERED HEALTH also recognizes that wellness is never just physical, and encompasses Engel’s bio-psycho-social health. We recognize that psycho-emotional disturbances do contribute changes in physical health.

What are our values?

1. HOLISTIC: We believe in that all conditions or disease have to be approached holistically. It is not one modality or the other. Sometimes, it is just how well a patient responds to a particular modality or method. We are sensitive to that.

2. COLLABORATIVE: Our clinic seeks as much as possible for practitioners to collaborate with the intention that the patient or client is the beneficiary.

3. TAILORED: Everyone is different. The modalities that they respond best to may also be different.

4. DOWN-REGULATING: Our philosophy for treatment is that it should be done within a calm and comfortable setting whenever possible. We encourage all our clients to embrace a certain state of mindfulness and body awareness during their treatment sessions, and we will do our best to help you along, with the clinic setup and environment.

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