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Daphne Chua

Integrated Bodywork and Yoga Therapy

Integrated bodywork with Daphne offers a unique and nuanced blend of body-based therapies. Daphne has been practising remedial therapy work in movement and touch for over a decade. Her work is firmly grounded in the therapeutic applications of yoga, biomechanics, nervous system regulation, breath work, somatic education, bodywork modalities and craniosacral knowledge. She draws on the holistic integration of her knowledge and experience to facilitate well-being for those dealing with chronic or acute conditions.

Yoga therapy is a complementary modality that treats the “whole person” instead of just the condition. This integrated approach is specifically tailored to the individual to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being based on the unique and holistic blueprint of each person.

This work is suitable for:
– lower back pain caused by spinal conditions, disc herniation / degeneration, sciatica etc ​
– anxiety and depression, addictions and trauma
– paralysis & strokes
– ​joint hypermobility related issues
– scoliosis
​- digestive issues
– women’s health
– ankle and foot problems
– neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist problems
– hip and knee joints
– auto-immune diseases
– rheumatoid & osteo-arthritis
– cancer recovery
– palliative care
– others


Happy customers.

Calming and professional, Daphne was immediately sensitive to my situation, taking time to understand the nature of my injuries and my goals from receiving treatment. Through a series of both active and passive postures Daphne provided hands-on treatment identifying areas of weakness, as well as constructive suggestions on prevention. The session left me relaxed and refreshed with an understanding for how to incorporate simple yet effective changes into my daily routine.

I heard about Daphne flying into Singapore from a friend who said I should book some time with her. I was suffering from a lot of back pain at the time. After a bodywork/massage session with Daphne the back pain disappeared and has not come back to haunt me.

It was a very relaxing experience that helped me a lot, and I would highly recommend Daphne’s time to anyone thinking about receiving a bodywork session.

Over the past years, I knew that I was not doing something right, but could not figure out what it was. Daphne identified the specific misalignments in my body and guide me into finding them.

She articulated very well in how bodies are supposed to move, what habits to maintain to keep the body healthy. I can already feel that my musculoskeletal structure changing and my joints are better aligned.

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