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Our Postpartum Treatments

Mother Roasting

“Mother Roasting” is the perfect treatment for a post-partum mum also undergoing confinement and post-natal massage. This treatment is a combination of soft-tissue manipulation, cupping, heat and acupuncture, with a strong focus on using fire cups to stretch the entire sheet that runs from the tip of your shoulders to the buttocks and hips. “Mother Roasting” also promotes circulation and warms up the body in a very relaxing manner.

Breast Milk

Our “Breast Milk” treatments are for young mums going through a phase of insufficient milk production, aka hypogalactorrhea. Most of our clients come recommended after all else has been tried by the doulas or midwives. The results vary from person to person but we do get respectable results using a mix of methods, which focus on opening up soft tissue restrictions while stimulating neuro-endocrine pathways.

Neck & Back

“Neck & Back” is the perfect treatment for a postpartum mum also undergoing confinement and post-natal massage. During this time, because of a habit of hunching over, the upper and mid trapezius are often tight and locked long. In addition, the area between the shoulder blade can be extremely tight. This treatment is made up of any of the following: soft-tissue manipulation, cupping, heat and acupuncture. The purpose of the treatment is to bring your body back into balance as your soft tissue, your hormones and your mind shift into another state.

Neck to Arms

The “Neck to Arms” treatment is another unique offering for weary mums hunched over from too much breastfeeding or baby lifting. The treatment focuses on the typical Upper Crossed Syndrome faced by new mums, and may also include either prevention or treatment of De Quevain’s tenosynovitis (that very tendon that gets strained from carrying babies!). It is a perfect complement to the Neck & treatment.
The “Neck-to-Arm Protocol” is a treat not just for weary mums, and is useful for most people tight from the front of the neck to the upper chest to inner forearms.

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