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Practitioner Education

Practitioner Education is for practitioners to share knowledge with other practitioners. Every practitioner is a wealth of knowledge in his/her own right, and as health practitioners it is our aim to continually improve and hone our skill sets so that we can better benefit our patients.

We also invite health practitioners from outside of our clinic to join in. Please come in with an intent to share on your area of expertise, and we will share ours too.

27 Jul 2017 (Thursday)

  • Mark Chern: Rotator cuff anatomy (review); associated trigger points.
  • Tricia Yeo: Relevant dry needling technique.
  • Erwin Raquno: Muscle testing.
  • Mel Lee: Release techniques and strengthening through movement therapy.

23 Feb 2017 (Thursday)

  • Radhika Kamat: Overview, diagnosis and treatment of SIBO.
  • Mark Chern: TCM Framework of formulas/herbs in treatment of digestive conditions.

5 Feb 2017 (Sunday)

  • Li Ming: Usage of Balanced Needling Points – first 10 key points.
  • Fynn Lim: Self-care using lymphatic drainage.
  • Mark Chern: Overview of key facial acupuncture points and association with nerve entry/exit points on face.
  • Angela Flame: Audio-Visual Entrainment experience using Pandora Star device.