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We specialize in helping women through the Preconception, Pregnancy & Postpartum phases of their life.

About Us

This clinic was started by Dr. Mark Chern in 2014 after returning from overseas where he worked in two gentle birth clinics. Soma Clinic started as one person and gradually grew to the boutique clinic it is today. The idea behind the clinic is one centered around the time-tested traditions of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture while incorporating adjacent treatment modalities that have proven to be useful to our patients in their respective journeys. We also work with a myriad of other Women’s health conditions including genital herpes, BV/Candida and perimenopausal night sweats!

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At our clinic, we work with you whether you have decided to:

There are so many ways we can support you through this journey, but let’s first set up a consultation to see what works best for your situation.

How Can I Make My Uterine Lining Thick?

Consider the uterine lining to be a warm, inviting bed, inviting an embryo to come and remain for a while. Lining thickness can play a significant influence in making those quarters as comfortable as possible. Here, we explain why lining thickness is important—and what you can do to improve it.

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We Support You Through Your Entire Journey



We support patients in their TTC journey, including those undergoing assisted reproductive technologies like IUI, IVF/ICSI, etc.

TCM Pregnancy

We understand and know how to intervene in all the different phases of pregnancy.


Treatments may include a mix of soft tissue work, lymphatic drainage, or acupuncture & herbs as per the conditions.


Women’s Health

Soma Clinic also treats other issues women might face from the day they begin menarche to the time of menopause.

Before Delivery - I Don't Want C-Section!

Not many women know this, but Chinese medicine is able to help with Fetal Growth Restriction, Turning a Breech Baby, and even Preparing You For Birth!

With Fetal Growth Restriction, we may be able to enhance circulation to help the baby grow.

In the last decade, we have turned many 100s of babies so their head is down.

As for birth preparation, we have helped to avert c-section for many women who desire a natural birth.

Chinese medicine is very helpful in the last weeks of pregnancy as well as after the mother delivers – now you know!

Confinement Herbs Designed For You

Do you know that the 28 days of confinement should be managed on a case-by-case basis? The herbs that you use should not be a one-size-fits-all package.

The confinement herbs you use are crucial for optimal recovery, we can work closely with you and tweak the herbs as we go you progress through the 28 days.

We will also brew the herbs for you and send it to your doorstep.

Soma Clinic Confinement Herbs are perfect for those who want a customized experienced so that they get the correct herbs in their body during the first 28 days postpartum!

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