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Changing Pain

Six Weeks

When chronic pain takes over our entire life is effected. Pain becomes a part of our identity, something to live with, manage and accept.
Pain begets pain. Once we enter the pain cycle, it can be very hard to exit; and instead we spiral into pain as part of life.

What if pain didn’t have to be a part of your life anymore? What if you could change your pain?

You can! And you are starting right now, as this idea stirs within you.

While pain is a physical experience, it also has a psychological component.

Our ‘changing pain’ program addresses pain from an integrated, multi-dimensional perspective.
When we find the right access points for pain; we find the path to change.


Part A:

Integrated Therapy

1) Acupuncture to turn down your pain receptors
2) Craniosacral therapy to resource and repattern your nervous system
3) Hypnotherapy to repattern both cognitive and subconscious response to pain

Come in for a combo of needles and craniosacral therapy weekly.
For the first 3 weeks engage in hypnotheapy to create the all important mental shift.

Part B:

Self-care Tools

1) Acupresure (self-administered) – learn a range of points to apply gentle pressure to stimulate pain relief
2) Breath, visualisarion &sensing – learn simple exercises to shift out of pain-state to a regulated way of being
3) Self-hypnosis / meditation – enjoy a recording daily to train your body and mind to alter pain response

Changing Pain

Are you ready to change your pain?
Give yourself six weeks.
Go all in!
Watch your relationship to pain change.

Who are you without your pain?