Genital Herpes Treatment – 1 Method that Tastes Bad but Works Very Well!

Genital Herpes Treatment – is it really possible?

If you are asking that, then please read on. There really is no harm trying.

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What is Genital Herpes?

Herpes Simplex 2 (HSV-2) is commonly known as Genital Herpes. It is a sexually transmitted disease which presents as blisters and open sores in the genital area. It is a viral condition and an outbreak often coincides with a weakened immune system.

Let’s not get confused.

When Herpes is mentioned, one has to differentiate between:

1. HSV-1 (Herpes Simplex 1) which is Oral Herpes.

2. HSV-2 (Herpes Simplex 2) which is Genital Herpes.

3. Herpes Zoster, which is Shingles. (Click here to learn more on TCM for Shingles.)

These three viral conditions present differently, and the thing that ties them together is that a flare usually happens when the immune system is compromised.

Oral vs Genital Herpes

Let’s dig a little deeper into Oral vs Genital Herpes Treatment

Herpes simplex viruses  can be categorized into two types: HSV 1 is oral herpes while HSV 2 is genital herpes.

When herpes simplex flares up in a person who is already infected, it typically appear as a blistered area around affected areas. These affected areas are usually the mouth/lips (oral herpes aka cold sores) and the genitals/rectum (genital herpes). When the blisters break, it leaves tender sores.

If you already have the HSV virus, outbreaks usually come about because the immune system is compromised, e.g. during a time of physical or emotional stress, secondary to an illness, during the menses, or when using immuno-suppressant drugs.

Both HSV 1 and 2 can spread even if the sore are not noticeable. Diagnosis can be done with lab tests (DNA or PCR tests) and virus cultures.

Rapid herpes testing can be done at specialist locations like the National Skin Centre. Alternatively, there are many smaller clinics which offer this test along with tests for STDs.

The typical approach to genital herpes treatment would be daily use of antivirals to prevent flares or to shorten the duration of the outbreak.

Genital Herpes Treatment with TCM

We treat genital herpes using Chinese medicine.

Question: What does it mean when we say the condition is treatable?

Answer: If you respond well to Chinese herbal medicine and/or acupuncture, you may report reduced frequency in outbreaks. You may experience a reduction of attacks from several strong outbreaks in a month to milder flares at a reduced frequency.

How does TCM treatment work?

Question: How does it work?

Answer: If you believe that the herbs are able to modulate your immune system, then that is the basis for how we approach your condition. The same goes for an acupuncture session, which serves to regulate your body and better your immune function.

Question: When should I come in for treatment?

Answer: For genital herpes, you may notice signs of an imminent outbreak (tingly, itching, burning sensation) a few hours or days before. This is a good time to come for a consultation or treatment. Chinese herbs are an excellent intervention, not just for taming an outbreak but also to lengthen the duration between outbreaks.

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TCM treats Viral Infection of the Skin

In addition to Genital Herpes Treatment, TCM excels in other viral infections of the skin:

In all the above conditions, the blisters may look similar but are different than the blisters in acne or pompholyx eczema for example.

These viral infections can treated by a dermatologist, BUT if you find that the lesion is not going away, or if there is recurrence, do consider using Chinese medicine, which can be more effective than you might imagine.

Yes, TCM can also be effective for a young child with molluscum contagiosum!

As treatment, you will be getting a customized herbal formulation that you drink daily for a start. It would contain herbs like Isatis, which is an important anti-inflammatory and anti-viral herb.

Another herb we often include is called Radix Lithospermi – it is effective against Herpes as well as Hepatitis B viruses.

Book in for a consultation if you suffer from Genital Herpes or any of the above viral infections of the skin!


If you are suffering from Genital Herpes, consider using Chinese herbs as a viable intervention. You will know upon starting treatment if your outbreaks are more spaced out, or if the flares are not as severe.