A pampering session for Mother and Child at Soma Clinic

Indulge yourself with your special person.

Pamper Yourself. And Your Child.

Mother’s Day is a treat for the mother. it is also a day for spending time  in quiet respite, away from the crowd and together with your loved one.

Here at Soma Clinic we offer a sinus and abdomen detox massage that patients receive when they are bloated, have water retention or suffer from constipation.

If this is something you can also benefit from, gift yourself together with your loved one a dual session of

1. Relax and cleanse with a Sinus and Abdomen Debloat session.

2. Release all muscular and nervous tension with Zen Out Myofascial and Craniosacral Therapy.

This is a total of 200 mins worth of pure pampering and total bliss!

The Face and Sinus Massage

The Sinus massage is a 30min hands-on massage to clear any lymph and sinus congestion in your face and neck.

It begins with lymphatic drainage around the the neck, to allow for declogging of the lymphatic system in the head and face. Subsequently, the lymphatic flow around the face will be vitalized, while muscles around the eyes and temple will be gradually released.

Lastly, the ethmoid and maxilla sinuses will be cleared leaving you with a sense renewed vibrancy in the face, especially around the eyes and the nose.

The Sinus massage is preceded by the Abdomen Debloat session, which is a one-time clear-all Chi Nei Tsang Debloat session.

Chi Nei Tsang: What is CNT & How Does Debloat?

Chi Nei Tsang is a form of treatment focused on massaging the abdomen in a certain manner so as to release restrictions between the various internal organs.

A tense abdomen will have several layers of restrictions. Our practitioner works to release these restrictions from the superficial to the deeper layers. This style of abdominal massage is gentle and nurturing. Once opened up, with increased movement and circulation, your physiology will improve and you will also feel more and more at ease.

What is Zen Out?

Zen Out is one of our Signature Treatments that involve Craniosacral Therapy in combination with Deep Tissue Release.

Our practitioner first uses Deep Tissue Release to clear restrictions in the entire back. Justin’s method of musculoskeletal release is extremely effective, you just have to try it to know, but that is not all. After the musculoskeletal release, he proceeds on to bring your nervous system back to baseline through his unique version of Craniosacral Therapy.

Most people walk out 85mins later a new person. Your muscles are no longer tight; your nervous system is less wired.

Why is Zen Out So Special?

Zen Out is basically Craniosacral Therapy preceded by Deep Tissue Release. The practitioner is working through 2 layers of your body. The first layer is the muscles; the second layer is your nervous system.

While the light touch of craniosacral therapy works primarily on the nervous system, it is sometimes jarring to immediately get a session consisting primarily of light  touch.

The superimposition of skilled deep tissue release prepares the body to absorb all it can from when the light touch happens. At the same time, all those tight muscles which you have are also worked on.

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day is a special time to honor the forever bond between the mother and her forever child.

At Soma Clinic, our Sinus and Abdomen Debloat Massage offers blessed relief for those suffering from bloating, water retention, or constipation. As the skilled hands of our massage therapists work their magic, stubborn fluid buildup is gently released from the face and abdomen, leaving Mom feeling light, refreshed, and renewed from the inside out.

With the Zen Out Myofascial and Craniosacral Therapy Session, after liberating the muscles, our practitioner guides your body into a state of profound stillness through Craniosacral Therapy. This gentle, yet powerful modality works in symphony with your body’s innate wisdom, coaxing the nervous system back to its natural, harmonious rhythm.

You can choose which session your child gets, and which session you prefer.

Both of you will emerge after a total of 200 mins worth feeling utterly transformed – muscles released, nerves calmed, and spirit renewed. 

Note: The child has to be more than 6 years of age to participate in this promotion.

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