Are you ready for a Christmas Detox Treat?

Christmas is The Time for Detox.

A Time for Detox

The opportunity of receiving gifts is the highlight of the Christmas season and everyone loves a gentle detox treat!

Here at Soma Clinic we offer a detox massage that will come in handy this festive season.

Gift yourself or your loved ones an opportunity to relax and cleanse your body with Precise Lymphatic Drainage treatment.

A 90-minute session of Precise Lymphatic Drainage (U.P. $210) includes a manual assessment of your lymphatic health, your rate of flow, areas of congestion and finally a treatment strategy to help your clear out and detox your body.

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Promo valid only for sessions done between 15th December 2023 to 14 January 2024!

What Happens During the Christmas Detox Treat?

1. We will first assess you.

At every session, we will map out your lymphatic system.

We will do this with our hands.

We will be able to:

(a) tell you where there is congestion

(b) tell you the approximate flow efficiency rate of your lymphatic system.

2. We will then clear out the gunk.

Many of our clients present with a tendency toward lymphatic congestion.

If you are one of these people whose systems are more sluggish, we will first work to clear your system.

Precise assessment and treatment allows us to know:

(a) when and where to clear congested nodes

(b) when and where drain areas of retention.

Why Soma Clinic?

Because Soma Clinic works with Pregnant and Postpartum women, we see many patients who suffer from all varieties of  compromised fluid metabolism.


If you decide to come for a session of Lymphatic Drainage, we are well poised to assist with Assessment, Clearance as well as Detox!

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How to get a 15% discount?

Schedule a visit between 15 Dec 2023 and 14 Jan 2024. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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