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Jason  Teow

Classical Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in Singapore

Growing up as a young boy, Dr Teow was always hesitant to take western medication. He would try to find more natural ways to heal. Gentle, experienced and knowledgeable, Dr Teow has been practicing TCM since 2004. He is exceptionally skilled with acupuncture and prescribing herbal medicine. What started off as a part-time hobby is a vocation through which he devotes all his working hours.

Nadia: Where did you study Chinese Medicine?

Dr Teow: I studied most of it in Singapore but spent some time in China learning the art of it.

Nadia: What made you choose the TCM route?

Dr Teow (smiling): Passion. I want to make a difference and help people get better. Everyday is a learning experience. With TCM, it is an ongoing journey of learning. Every day, I read about something new, or I revise old knowledge. This is how I learn.

Dr Teow strongly believes in a holistic approach to healing the body. He explained that the body is a natural being but does warn that too much of a good thing can be bad. The right amount of herbs is crucial as wrong herbs or quantity can do more damage than good. His experience comes into play here, with over 14 years in this field.

Nadia: What is one takeaway about Chinese Medicine we should go away with?

Dr Teow:  Chinese medicine believes that having a good digestive system is crucial and it is something we have control over.  Therefore, make healthier food choices and to eat wisely, being sure to avoid cold food.

Nadia: What is the biggest health tip you can share with us here?

Dr Teow: This is what everyone can benefit from knowing: Maintain a good routine so that your body can get used to a particular rhythm. This includes going to bed at the same time every night, waking up at a particular time, having meals at fixed times during the day.  Health is something you maintain overall the duration of your life. It can be improved bit by bit, but it has got to be consistent.


Happy customers.

Recently had an acupuncture & herbal consultation with Dr Teow at Soma Clinic. Felt a big shift internally in my energy as I’ve been dealing with adrenal, gut, and recurrent infections. Still feeling good a week later. Dr. Teow was thorough with the consultation and I feel confident in his knowledge and abilities. Definitely recommend!


adrenal fatigue and intestinal dysbiosis

I enjoyed my session with Dr Teow at Soma Clinic, who is patient listening to my health problems and has knowledge on some of the Western medicine that I have been taking. The acupuncture session is relaxing and *painless*, he is precise with his points, and when you have questions, he gives you good advice. Highly recommend!

X Woon.

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