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Are you a healthcare practitioner looking to join a supportive team environment?

What do we look for?

1. Experience. Are you qualified/experienced in the following areas of integrated health?

  • Physiotherapy / Osteopathy
  • Naturopathy / Nutrition
  • Psychotherapy / Psychology
  • Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture

2. Depth and understanding of integrated health concepts
We work from an integrated and layered perspective – we encourage treatment of the ‘whole person’, not just the presenting symptom.

3. Desire to be part of a team of like-minded practitioners
At Soma Clinic, we work as a team to support our clients with an integrated approach. As practitioners, we also support each other by sharing our work and learning more about how to support one another.

4. Interest to develop skills across multiple disciplines
The field of healthcare is constantly evolving. We look to work with practitioners who would like to be in an ongoing state of learning and discovery to enhance their client-centric approach.

To Apply:

  1. Please send an email (email address at top of page) with your CV / resume with the heading “Application for [Position]” (insert as appropriate).
  2. In the email, please include why you might be interested in joining us and what your interests are.
  3. We will then reply to you, either by email or by a phone call.

TCM Physician / Acupuncturist / Intern:

For those interested in joining as a TCM Physician offering acupuncture / herbal treatments, or those who want to help out as practical research interns, please find out more here.