Mother Roasting – One Treatment New Mums Will Love!

Mother Roasting is a muscle-melting massage that irons out your New Mother Posture.
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Is Mother Roasting for me?

Did you just give birth not too long ago? Are you feeling tired and lacking in sleep? Are you also feeling so much tightness and weakness all over your body? Are you slump over and not your usual self?

You probably have the posture of a new mother.

What is New Mother Posture?

New Mother Posture is a term we use to describe how most new mothers present when they come in. Are you a new mother and does this resonate with you? Do you have:

  • Tight neck and jaw muscles that are holding on to tension since pregnancy?
  • Collapsing shoulders from breast feeding?
  • Weak and tight back muscles from holding up the entire pregnancy?

What is Mother Roasting?

Mother Roasting is a form of treatment focused on massaging the tight areas in the neck shoulders and back, and subsequently release them even more through (1) deep cupping and (2) craniosacral therapy.

Our practitioner works to release these restrictions using different approaches. For new mothers, the restrictions have piled up over the course of the pregnancy, and require more than just massage.

The aim of Mother Roasting is to clear out the tensions and compensations that have built up during your journey of pregnancy and labor.

How does Mother Roasting heal me?

First of all,

Deep TIssue work is meant to break down the first layer of restrictions. Through the use of deep but gentle strokes, the intention is to coax your muscles into surrender.


Once the muscles have been warmed up and worn down. The use of vacuum cupping creates a fascial stretch across the entire back. While the fascia on the entire back is being stretched, we will ROAST you with heat lamps, so you feel all the tightness melting away!


We will turn you around and do Craniosacral Therapy, which will further calm down and ground your nervous system. Hands will be placed under your neck and feet. It will be utter bliss.

Who Should Get Mother Roasting?

You will benefit the most of Mother Roasting if:

1. You have recently delivered a baby

2. You have tight muscles in your neck, shoulders and back.

3. You relax deeply when receiving deep tissue massage

4. You appreciate the fascial pull from having your entire back stretched with the pull of vacuum cups

5. Your nervous system responds favorably when receiving Craniosacral Therapy.

Why You Should Try Mother Roasting

If you have not had this treatment before, you will be asking why try it?

Because if you are a new mum who has been worn down by the pregnancy and childbirth, and you need one session to turn things around, this has to be it.

Just try one session to feel what your body has missed out on!