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What is our philosophy?

Health is a complex, ever-changing balancing act. It can be influenced by biological, emotional and environmental circumstances.

At Soma Clinic, we look at health from an integrated LAYERED HEALTH perspective. We expand our consideration to the whole person, understanding that a symptom may stem from an imbalance or dysregulation at one (or more) of many physical layers; it may be associated with psycho-emotional stressors; it may also be affected by external factors.

LAYERED HEALTH recognizes that health and wellness is never just physical, and encompasses Engel’s bio-psycho-social health. Health and wellness may be achieved by nurturing the tapestry of our physical and emotional systems, so they can work as a functioning whole. When we work across the layers, we are supporting homeostasis – the return to a natural state of equilibrium. This base-line is the foundation of health and happiness.

Are you ready to look at your layers?

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More about our LAYERED HEALTH approach:

1. YOU ARE NOT YOUR SYMPTOMS!: Treatment at Soma Clinic supports ‘layered health’ to the extent that the client wants to work through the layers. We work through the layers to support positive change in the whole self, with the understanding that one layer effects the others.

2. SMALL CHANGES BECOME BIG CHANGE: As we start to make small changes at one layer, they may ignite bigger changes through the body and mind.

3. PERSONAL PATHWAYS TO HEALTH: Every person is unique. As such your pathway to health will be individually crafted and supported by our practitioners. One size does not fit all.

4. DOWN-REGULATION LEADS THE WAY: When your body and mind are supported to find quiet and internal space, they have opportunity to recover and strengthen. Therapies at Soma Clinic support down-regulation and resourcing of the nervous system, release and repatterning of dysfunctional physical and emotional patterns and building resilience.

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