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Proactive Health

Corporate Education, Training & Workshops

Our ability to look after ourselves and promote an integrated experience of physical, mental and relational health, relies on a number of basic factors:

1. Awareness

Healthcare is the cornerstone of our lives. When healthcare becomes proactive, it sets the tone for us to be resilient, empathetic, compassionate, and productive. The more we understand about what’s going on in our physiology, our psychology, and our relationship from self, to beyond self, the better we can start to engage in both proactive and reactive healthcare.

2. Time

In today’s busy world, it is often hard to find time and space to engage in proactive healthcare practices. We tend to ignore our own needs and push beyond our capacity for coping, in order to strive for success and support others. With so much focus orienting outward, there can be little time to orient inward. This makes it very hard to listen to our own needs, let alone meet them. When we make, or are afforded time, to proactively look after ourselves, it increases self-awareness, builds resilience and nurtures the internal resources needed to continue to engage healthily and happily with the world.

3. Support

We are born into relationship, and we exist in relationships our whole life. It is often through relationship that we can find the support we need to learn, to grow and to increase our own capacity for aliveness. We tend to forget this, and as a humanity seek to be strong and independent, self-reliant and self-protective. We expect so much of ourselves and others. Engaging in supportive relationships is vital to our ability to regulate, sustain growth and productivity. The saying ‘a burden shared is a burden halved’, could not be more accurate. When we are supported to engage in healthcare, to understand our own patterns and rhythms, our world can change. In fact, this kind of support is essential to healthy human development.

How can I provide proactive healthcare support for my team?

At Soma Clinic, we are passionate about creating tailored solutions to support your team to understand themselves, engage in pro-active learning and self-care and provide different ways to regulate both the body and the mind.

How does it work?

1. First, we listen to you.

We spend time listing to the intentions for your program, understanding team culture, navigating potential roadblocks and evaluating the time and resource available.

2. Next, we develop a strategy.

Once we understand your team and your healthcare goals, we will take time to develop a bespoke strategy that suits your needs. There is no one size fits all solution.

We work across a few different healthcare engagement models including:

  • Talks/webinars
  • Workshop series
  • Support groups – to support authentic vulnerable sharing, resolution and growth
  • Online education programs – to provide continued awareness and promote a self-inquiry mindset
  • Private sessions for your team – held either at our CBD clinic or in your office space.

Each model can be stand alone or implemented as part of a larger healthcare program.

3. Then, we design and implement.

Once we have agreed on the structure of your program, we design it based on an agreed set of deliverables. Then we roll out with your team.

What topics do you cover?

This will depend on what you want to provide your team.  Some popular topics include:

  • The neurophysiology of wellness
  • Understanding the nervous system
  • Accessing empathy, resilience and empowerment
  • Understanding and recovering from burnout
  • Anxiety support
  • Mental Health awareness
  • Human Connection and the power of relationship
  • Empathetic relating
  • Group dynamics

How do I apply?