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Process-oriented Psychology (also known as Processwork) is a form of Transpersonal therapy developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell. This form of therapy has its roots in Jungian Psychology and is also an awareness practice that seeks to unite and complete the individual’s mind, body and spirit.

The approach is effective and revolutionary because it recognizes personal, psychological or health challenges. It even acknowledges repeating patterns in life as meaningful, unconscious aspects of self that try to be expressed and be known. Therefore, instead of seeing dysfunctions, the process-oriented view sees problems and difficulties as precious and profound personal change processes trying to take place.

The range of issues that may benefit from the process-oriented approach is wide-ranging, it includes and is not limited to relationship issues, social conflicts, physical symptoms, depression, anxiety and even recurring dreams.

Watch this 90-second video by the Zurich Institute of Processwork to find out more. Process-oriented Psychology in Singapore can be accessed at Soma Clinic. Call +65 6204 6009 to book in for a session.