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Somatic Regulation

An Approach to 

Complex Health Conditions

At Soma Clinic we often see conditions that contain a psycho-emotional element. That is; there has been a previous life experience that is contributing to a complex condition that effects multiple layers: physiology (the body), psychology (the mind) and relational (interpersonal/relationship)
While every case has a unique presentation and a personal story behind it, two things we find in common with all cases are: 
1. nervous system dysregulation
2. Reactive patterns (either physical symptoms or emotional dysregulation) 
Ultimately there is an internal sense of danger that is causing this disruption.
In order to work with this felt sense of danger/‘something is wrong’, we recommend a blend of verbal and somatic processing as well as down-regulating gentle touch work. The goal is to understand and discharge the reactive patterns and rerun to a state of internal safety regulation across all layers.


Processing Therapies

At the clinic we offer psychotherapy and principles of neuroaffetive touch, that blends talk and touch therapy. The approach is both cognitive and somatic. These sessions help clients understand their experience form a mental, emotional and somatic lens and integrate the narratives which may support a positive shift in experience.

Downregulating Therapies

Both craniosacral therapy and jin-shin jyutsu are helpful in turning down/regulating the nervous system with a nurturing touch-based approach. 
These sessions can feel very relaxing and supportive, developing our ability to feel safe within ourselves and within connection to another. 

What Next?

By combining these two kinds of therapies, clients may experience:
increased understanding of dysfunction patterns 
Practical tools/exercises for self-management 
Nervous system regulation; increasing capacity to cope physiologically, emotionally and relationally. 
If you are interested to learn more about the somatic regulation approach, contact us here to book an appointment.
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