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Key Principles guiding

Somatic Therapy at Soma Clinic

The body is a bridge. At Soma Clinic, we take a somatic approach to care. There are a few key principles at play here:

1. Somatic Regulation

When we are experiencing mental or physical health symptoms, the nervous system is experiencing threat. Danger signals are being sent telling us that something is wrong.

Somatic Therapies can help the nervous system approach a sense of safety. When the body senses, safety, danger signals can switch off and we can move towards equilibrium.

2. Somatic Processing

Much of our experience is unexpressed and non-verbal in nature. When we experience something dangerous or overwhelming, we hide the experience in the body. Similarly, when we have an emotion or a thought that we do not express, we suppress it. In both of these examples, a split occurs between the mind and the body.

Somatic Processing can help to address what is unexpressed and unprocessed. When the body completes its experience and we make sense of it, there can be a sense of release and mind-body integration.

3. Relational Somatics

We are born into relationship. Our formative relationships are our first experience of the world. It is through these relationships that we learn how to relate, exist, grow and thrive. In the case of mental and physical health conditions, it makes sense that safe, responsive relationships can support us to recover and thrive. Our practitioners take great care to listen to you and respond to not only your verbal expression, but to the story of our body.

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