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Somatic Therapy Practitioners

@ Soma Clinic 

Chloe Chotrani

Somatic Practitioner

Chloe comes to somatics and touch therapy from a movement and dance background. Her strong kinesthetic sense allows her to attune to the unspoken story of the body and support clients to connect safely to their felt sense.

Her interest in trauma stems from her own upbringing in volatile environments and journey to find empowered expression. Chloe did an extensive mentorship with Director, Natalia Rachel; and has trained in Complex Trauma, Trauma-Sensitive Foundations for Facilitators, The Language ot Touch, and Hatha Yoga. Her interest as a practitioner is to make it safe for clients to explore their inner landscapes, find expression and resolution, in order to live a more connected life.

Dominica Chua

Somatic Practitioner / Counselor in Singapore

BA (Hons) MSocSc (Counselling) SAC Registered Counsellor Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) Certified TRE Provider EMDR Basic Training Basic Gestalt Play Therapy

Dominica is a highly experienced counsellor with a strong interest in trauma and somatics. At Soma Clinic, Dominica takes a Somatic approach, blending talk therapy with tools from Somatic Experiencing, TRE and Trauma-Informed Relational Somatics.

She started counselling as a mentor for youths-at-risk and their families with histories of abuse, neglect and traumas since 2013. She has also worked with cancer patients and their families. She facilitated regular support programmes and Tension/Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®️) sessions to help patients regulate from the stress they got from the disease as well as helping them to live a more embodied life after treatment. Dominica’s interests are to support people to make sense of their difficult experiences and emerge with an increased sense of safety and clarity.

Natalia Rachel


Natalia Rachel is the Director of Soma Clinic, trauma therapist, speaker and educator. She is responsible for mentoring the other somatic practitioners at Soma Clinic to adopt a ‘trauma-informed relational somatics approach’

As a practitioner, her focus is on a somatic approach to trauma recovery, specializing in complex cases where disassociation and fragmentation are present. Most of Natalia’s clients have experienced either acute of chronic relational trauma, that has been left unprocessed and presenting with physical and mental health symptoms. Using a trauma-informed, relational and somatic approach, Natalia incorporates both talk and touch therapy to support clients to explore their non-verbal experiences, explore and integrate fragmented aspects of the psyche and repair the often existential disconnection that may arise through unprocessed trauma. In addition to private sessions, Natalia also facilitates trauma recovery groups, drawing on the power of community and belonging, to promote vulnerability that cultivates internal and relational safety and the dissolution of shame.

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