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Sponsored Healthcare

At Soma Clinic, we are invested in providing supportive mental healthcare for our clients. We understand that not everyone can budget for these kind of therapies and seek to make care more and more accessible.
Some of the ways we do this include:

1. Private Sessions

Partial Sponsorship can be provided for private sessions. For partial sponsorship, the cost of care is considerably discounted, to allow an ‘opt in’ to treatment. Potential patients must be committed to their care and engage in a minimum of 3 sessions. The discount will be decided on by the practitioner offering the care.

2. Short Courses/Workshops

For partial sponsorship, a  50% discount is offered on the course/workshop cost. The whole point of the course or workshop is the empower the individual with tools for self-care to facilitate the recovery process.

How do I apply?

If you’d like to apply for partial or full sponsorship, please complete the following application. We will be in touch to let you know if your application has been approved and details of proposed sponsored care.

Note that sponsored healthcare applies only for participating practitioners in the mental health space. They do not apply to physiotherapy or traditional Chinese medicine. 

Sponsor Care!

Spread the love and sponsor patient care!
If, like us, you have a passion for making healthcare more accessible, you have the opportunity to donate to the Soma Clinic Sponsorship Program. By doing so, you allow us to engage more health-care practitioners to treat more people. You can donate a small amount to cover one person’s care or you can sponsor the entire salary of a health-care practitioner, to allow more free care all year round.
If you’re interested to become a healthcare sponsor, please contact Natalia Rachel, Director of Soma Clinic.