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Stress and Burnout

Are you currently living in a stress-state? Soma Clinic has a range of therapies to support you.

In our busy modern-day society, stress and burnout are commonly experienced by many of us. Work, family, travel and unexpected life events all contribute to increase in stress and decrease in our ability to glide through life.

When we are living in a stress-state, we are affected physiologically, emotionally and socially. The nervous system kicks into overdrive, also known as the ‘fight or flight’ response. As a result, our entire system may be knocked out of balance. This may present as:
– Anxiety
– Depression
– Panic attack
– Anger issues
– Digestive disorders
– Pain
– Weight gain/loss
– Headaches
– Poor sleep
– Difficulty connecting to other people

One we recognize these as possible side effects of our increased stress, we can address them before they leave to total burnout and life disruption. But turning down the ‘fight or flight’ nervous system response, and returning to a regulated rhythm, we can allow the body and mind to find equilibrium.

What else might be affecting my health condition?

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