TCM Postpartum Treatments – 9 Things We Can Help With!

You are now a New Mother! Maybe it is not your first time, but like all mothers will tell you, it never is the same!

Read on to learn how TCM Postpartum treatment aren’t just about confinement soups! There are some many things we can help with, not least the New Mother Posture! We have been doing TCM Pregnancy and Postpartum treatments for over a decade now, and we hope we can help you too!

Insufficient Milk

Our “Breast Milk” treatments are for young mums going through a phase of insufficient milk production. Our patients come referred after all else has been tried by the doulas, midwives and lactation consultants. We  open up soft tissue restrictions while stimulating neuro-endocrine […]

Wrist Pain

Postpartum wrist pain is a common occurrence for a new mother. Wrist pain often comes as a result of overuse of one or both wrist, usually because breast feeding. We see this regularly at our clinic and it is often one of two conditions – De Quevain’s Tenosynovitis or […]

Herbal Potions

Recover Confinement Potions are a better approach to confinement soups. Your Potions are designed and formulated for your unique body constitution. You no longer need to use generic formulations that are too heaty for your body, nor weak potions that lack the herbal strength for optimizing recovery. […]

Uterine Prolapse

The muscles and tissues that support your pelvic region weaken and stretch under the pressure of pregnancy. The process of childbirth intensifies this load and one possible outcome is prolapse, where your pelvic organs protrude into your vaginal canal. What you may experience includes incontinence, painful sex, pressure in […]

Water Retention

Some women have the tendency toward lymphatic congestion and this predisposes them to postpartum water retention. If you experience significant water retention after giving birth, you may need some help to eliminated the fluids. At Soma Clinic, we use a couple of […]

Weight Loss

It is common for new mothers to retain weight even up to 6 months postpartum. Part of the reason is the need for more calories post-birth. There are also reasons related to reproductive and stress hormones, as well as the age of the mother. If you are […]

C-Section Scar

Numbness in the area surrounding the C-Section Scar is common side effect that most women do not expect. For some women, the numbness does remain for a long time. We have helped enough postpartum women regain sensation in that area just through acupuncture alone, and […]

Low Mood or Depression

With the birth of a baby, you may experience a mess of powerful emotions, from excitement to anxiety and even grief. You may experience new mum “baby blues,” which include moodiness, bursting into tears, irritability as well as postpartum depression that […]

Do You have New Mother Posture?

Do you present with the following?

  • Neck & Shoulders: The entire neck is often strained during pregnancy, and this strain continues all the way down to the Upper Shoulder Muscles of the Levator Scapula and Upper Trapezius. Treatment is down to undo the compensatory habits, making way for a more balanced musculoskeletal system.
  • Caved-in Shoulders: This is a postural consequence of having weak shoulder stabilizers as well as overused pectoral muscles during pregnancy and also during breastfeeding.
  • Hiked Hips: While treating the entire back during our Mother-Roasting Protocol, we will definitely treat hiked hips when we see them.
  • Lower Back & Legs: Lower back restrictions going down the legs are common for the postpartum patient. Again, this part of the body is commonly worked on.

If you do, then you have New Mother Posture! Many mothers will present like this just because pregnancy and delivery took such a toll on them.

If you have New Mother Posture, then you deserve to be ROASTED! 🙂

All the above conditions of restriction have been successfully worked on at our clinic. Mother Roasting is one of our Signature Treatments, which involves Soft Tissue Release, Cupping. as well as Craniosacral Therapy. Ask for it!

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