Dr. Mark Chern

Chinese Medicine in Singapore

Dr. Mark Chern practices Chinese Medicine in Singapore and first began his training as an apprentice in a renowned TCM practice in Taipei, Taiwan. Since 2011, he has worked in Indonesia with 2 well-known “Gentle Birth” integrated clinics. He is also familiar with working with midwives and doulas in Singapore as part of a wider network of practitioners assisting a woman through pregnancy and peri-partum. Dr. Mark’s most popular treatment for pregnant women is the bringing on of late-for-date pregnancies.

Dr. Mark holds a doctorate in Chinese Medicine from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and has organized yearly training programs in China in partnership with the American Board of Reproductive Medicine during the 5 years from 2011 to 2015. He has also been a guest speaker at the Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver in 2016. Dr. Mark adopts herbal strategies following the lineage of the Xia Gui Cheng Nanjing school of Fertility Specialists.


Physician Julia Nah

Acupuncture in Singapore

Physician Julia Nah is a registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine, with a deep understanding of how to work holistically with the human body. She is passionate about ensuring clients receive the best possible treatment for fertility success from preconception (natural or IVF) through to pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. For patients who are trying to conceive, Julia administers gentle acupuncture and manual therapy to optimize the reproductive system, restore pelvic health and repattern the nervous system.

Pregnant clients will benefit by finding relief from common discomforts e.g. pelvic pain, ribcage tension, leg edema. Julia also treats breech presentation and does birth preparation support.

Julia possesses osteopathic training in Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation and Craniosacral Therapy. She is also trained in Medical Hypnotherapy and NLP. In addition, Physician Julia works with psychosomatic disorders and psycho-emotional overwhelm. Her sessions provide a sense of safety for many of her patients who are going through a difficult time in their life.


Justin Mok

Soft Tissue Release & Craniosacral Therapy in Singapore

Justin has over 15 years of experience in bodywork, with a skillsets ranging from facials to cupping to deep tissue release. His approach is holistic. At Soma Clinic, Justin has a steady following with requests for massage during pregnancy. Justin’s best offerings include:

1. Zen-Out (85min) A 60min full body treatment for mum’s bodies strained by care for their little one. Zen-Out begins with deep tissue release of the entire back and ends with 25mins of craniosacral therapy (CST). CST is a light hands-on therapy that enhances the body’s natural capacity for healing. In Zen-Out, you will experience a gentle holding of the cranium that induces a quiet and deep relaxation. it is being used to down-regulate and bring your nervous system back to baseline.

Zen-Out is what the men come for! Yes, women will send their husbands and the husbands will stay!

2. Postpartum Wrist to Shoulders (55min) A 55min session focused on the arms, especially helpful for those suffering from wrist pain from carrying the baby / breastfeeding (De Quevain’s Tenosynovitis). Justin will release all the restrictions from wrist to forearm all the way up to your shoulders, and we hope you will leave feeling much lighter than when you came in.

For those who are looking for Justin Mok because their wives/friends have recommended him, please be assured that Justin does not only do pregnancy and postpartum body work! 

All his loyal male clients continue to see him for the usual:

  1. Zen-Out sessions for the busy executives.
  2. Psoas, Glutes, Quads and Hams for the cyclists and runners.
  3. Calves and the rest of the back line for strong men with tight muscles.
  4. Neck, Shoulders and Lower Back for the rest of us!


Fynn Lim

PRECISE Lymphatic Drainage in Singapore

Fynn works with the lymphatic system to treat any form of lymphatic congestion. Lymphatic congestion is often seen in pregnant/postpartum women, and is indicative of compromised fluid metabolism. As such, the clearest presentation would be swelling in different parts of the body.

Fynn’s treatment is PRECISE and has rave reviews because she is able to map your lymphatic system, tell you exactly where is congested, and even manually assess if there is an irreparable valve issue. Because of her deep experience in this work, her sessions are not protocol-ish and treat the specific situation at hand.

Lymphatic drainage also facilitates waste elimination in the body. Clients who respond favorably to her work often present with some form of swelling, which associated with insufficient fluid metabolism during pregnancy or incomplete recovery from physical exertion in the fourth trimester.

Fynn is familiar with treating breast milk insufficiency related to milk duct blockages; the work is very gentle and does not involve strong massage. She also treats postpartum C-Section Recovery, to speed up recovery of surgical wounds and to reduce swelling.

Those who are interested should book in for a first session to assess response and fit. Fynn’s first session includes lymphatic mapping, manual assessment of rate of flow, clearing of congested sites as well as reassessment when the session ends.


Monica Lee

Chi Nei Tsang in Singapore

chi nei tsang soma clinicWith 15 years of experience in bodywork, Monica is our resident Chi Nei Tsang practitioner. Her work involves treating the abdomen to clear restrictions. This form of bodywork is especially useful in treating digestive and reproductive disorders. It is especially helpful for people who tend to ‘keep things inside’ their abdominal viscera.

By slowly working through layers of the abdomen, Monica’s Chi Nei Tsang is helpful in treating abdominal cramping and bloating, painful and irregular menses, as well as stress incontinence. Chi Nei Tsang has proven helpful for those with pelvic restrictions, especially for those trying to conceive or after delivery of your child. Oftentimes, the treatment also results in better sleep for those suffering from stress and insomnia.