Threatened Miscarriage – 2 Additional Interventions You Could Consider

Are you pregnant and afraid to miscarry? Here’s everything you need to know about threatened miscarriage.

What Is Threatened Miscarriage?

Threatened miscarriage or what can also be called threatened abortion refers to symptoms that indicate that you might be having a miscarriage. The main symptom is vaginal bleeding early in pregnancy (within the first 20 weeks). It is called “Threatened” because it is possible that it is a miscarriage but it is not definite yet.

threatened miscarriage spotting tcm treatment

How to know if I am having a miscarriage?

There are two main signs of miscarriage:

  • You are bleeding from down there. It could be spotting or there could be some discharge.
  • Abdominal cramps or lower back pain that is similar to the ones you have during your period

What are the common risk factors for miscarriage?

There are some factors that may increase the risk of miscarriage.

Maternal age:

Maternal age is the most significant risk factor for having a miscarriage. Women older than 35 who get pregnant are known to have a high-risk pregnancy and are at risk of aborting their fetus.  

Medical Conditions:

Some conditions put you at risk for miscarrying. They include heart disease, diabetes, and some infectious conditions. 

Medications and Drugs:

Medications and Drug use: some medications and substances may harm your fetus and lead to miscarriage, so be careful and ask your doctor before starting to take any medication during your pregnancy.

threatened miscarriage ultrasound scan

What causes the miscarriage?

Some mothers may blame themselves for miscarrying.  They think that they have done something wrong that harmed their baby. But in most cases, that is not true. Some causes of miscarriage are modifiable, which means that you can work on them to prevent a miscarriage. Others are not modifiable. 

Modificable causes include emotional stress, substance abuse and physical injuries (like a fall). They can be remedied.

Non-modifiable causes include chromosomal abnormalities, problems with the placenta and an ectopic pregnancy. These are by no means the fault of the mother. They may be one-off occurrences.

How do I avoid miscarriage?

There are some lifestyle changes that you can do to keep yourself and your baby healthy and prevent miscarriage. They include:

  • Keep yourself safe
  • Take your prenatal vitamins 
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Consult your doctor before using any substance or medication

Are there treatments that can help me prevent miscarriage?

Progesterone supplementation is the first point of intervention. are used to help avoid miscarriage.

They can be oral pills, suppositories, patches or even progesterone injections.

threatened miscarriage cramps tcm treatment

Two other interventions to consider

Even though TCM Pregnancy Treatments are often not considered by patients who experience threatened miscarriage, they have been used for centuries as an effective intervention. Even now in this modern age, this form of intervention is being used by women more often that most people realize.

  1. Some TCM Physicians focus on preventing miscarriage by treating with acupuncture and moxibustion.
  2. Others administer Chinese herbs to help Protect the Fetus.

Final Word

In the end, the patient who decides to actively prevent miscarriage often tries everything she knows to. Progesterone, Chinese herbs, Acupuncture and Moxibustion are the usual resources she relies on.

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