C-Section Scar Healing – 1 Amazing Treatment for Numbness or Tightness!

C-Section Scar Healing? C-Sect Scar Numb?

A scar is left behind when a child is born through a Cesarean section. Some women heal very well; other women have scars that are red, thick, and raised. Once the scar is healed, everything should function as normal.

For some though, the enlarged scar tissue causes numbing, tightness or paresthesia in the region surrounding the scar. Some women even experience numbness, tightness or paresthesia all the way down to their genitals.

For some other women, the scar tissue may make it difficult for you to engage your abdominal muscles. This may result in weakness in the core muscles, or even back pain.

c-section scar healing

We’ve helped enough women regain feeling in that area after giving birth, and most of the time, we try to treat this along with other problems you’re coming in for, like lower back pain, tight neck and shoulders, etc.

Specific to treating numbness or tightness due to adhesions in the scar tissue, needles are placed where the cut was made as well as key acupuncture points in the lower abdomen.

Some tips on managing your C-section scar at home!

Numbness around scar after C-section is a common problem for almost every woman. Try the following tips to prevent numbness around C-section scar:

  1. Your C-section scar will be covered with Steri-Strips, a paper tape-like product. Do not provoke them. They are keeping the wound clean and closed.
  2. Consume nutritious foods (this includes confinement food) to give your body the nutrients necessary for tissue repair and regeneration.
  3. Keep the wound clean to prevent infection during the initial phase of C-section scar healing.
  4. During the first six weeks, avoid hard lifting, housekeeping, and other large motions that could strain or aggravate the scar.
  5. After the scar has healed, acupuncture is able to break down scar tissue so you regain full sensation in the area surrounding the scar tissue.
c-sect scar numb and pain

How does Acupuncture help people after surgery?

Acupuncture will help people get better faster after surgery by:

  1. Increasing microcirculation and promote soft tissue remodeling.
  2. Reduce pain and numbness through endorphin release.
  3. Reduce scar tissue by releasing restrictions.
c-section scar acupuncture

Is Acupuncture Effective for Surgical Scars?

Acupuncture can assist in speeding up the post-surgical healing process. It helps to alleviate pain and minimize adhesions caused by excessive keloid growth as the surgical scars heal.

To facilitate the healing of a surgical wound, scar tissue fibers are broken up with needles. In addition to stimulating blood flow to the area, stimulation from the needle removes areas of trapped fluid. If certain parts of the scar are more sore than others, we pay special attention to these areas.

How does Acupuncture help C-Section Scars?

Acupuncture treatments for post-Cesarean recovery will also help with the look of the scar, reducing its thickness and redness over time.

How it does so is by inducing microtrauma to the scar tissue, which signals the body to direct its healing resources in that area. The micro needles are small, 1/10 the diameter of injection needles.

Acupuncture also helps with C-Section Scar Reduction?

Acupuncture is effective in minimizing the scarring left behind by cesarean procedures. Pain, restricted movement, and even possible difficulties with subsequent pregnancies can all be caused by adhesions or restrictions in a scar.

c-section scar treatment

After your stitches have been removed, collagen fibers will begin to grow at the location of the incision. This will eventually lead to the formation of adhesions. Because these collagen fibers are less elastic than your original tissue, it can cause complications in the long run, especially as they continue to lose their elasticity. Initially, this is important in binding the wound together, but in the long term, it can cause issues because it can cause issues. It can take anywhere from nine months to a year for the scar to completely heal, depending on the severity of the wound. Acupuncture can assist in minimizing the look of scarring caused by surgery, both physically and inside.

Acupuncture helps you Heal Emotionally.

It has been shown that Acupuncture helps calm the nervous system. It helps process traumatic emotions so they don’t get stuck or get stuck in a long-term pattern. Especially for moms who had hoped to avoid a cesarean but ended up with one, the C-section can also be an emotional scar,

Both mental and physical symptoms can be alleviated when a postpartum mother receives acupuncture treatment.

When do I start treatment? What will you do?

It is best to administer acupuncture for C-Section scar healing when the scar is at least 80-90% healed. In general, it should be safe to begin local scar therapy to enhance healing and minimize adhesions at about six weeks postpartum.

Acupuncture is effective in minimizing the scarring left behind by the C-section procedure. Pain, restricted movement, and even possible difficulties with subsequent pregnancies could all be caused by adhesions or restrictions in a scar.

Come in whenever you’re prepared. We can begin therapy as soon as you can visit our clinic. Needles are inserted around the scar in a pattern known as “surrounding the dragon.” The suggested number of sessions depends on the scar’s thickness and tenacity.

We usually do not just treat the scar tissue, as postpartum mums come for other reasons, like postpartum water retention, postpartum depression, or even postpartum wrist pain. So, just come in for session!

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