Zen Out – The 1 Craniosacral Therapy Session No One Told You About

Zen Out has two layers of relaxation. First the Muscles, then your Nervous System.

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Zen Out is one of our Signature Treatments that involve Craniosacral Therapy in combination with Deep Tissue Release.

Our practitioner first uses Deep Tissue Release to clear restrictions in the entire back. Justin’s method of musculoskeletal release is extremely effective, you just have to try it to know, but that is not all. After the musculoskeletal release, he proceeds on to bring your nervous system back to baseline through his unique version of Craniosacral Therapy.

Most people walk out 85mins later a new person. Your muscles are no longer tight; your nervous system is less wired.

How does Zen Out help me feel better?

First of all,

Deep Tissue work is meant to break down the first layer of restrictions. Through the use of deep but gentle strokes, the intention is to coax your muscles into surrender.

The difference in Justin’s approach is this: He does not just go in hard just because your muscles are very tight. This is not typical Chinese Tuina. It is not meant to be rougher than your body can manage.

Just the right depth: Justin is able to communicate with you and calibrate the depth of massage that is just right for you. There are ways to coax the muscle tightness out of you without being abrupt or aggressive.


Justin will turn you around and do 25mins of Craniosacral Therapy. Now that your muscles are relaxed, your body will be transition from unwinding the muscles to unwinding the nervous system.

Unwinding the nervous system? Again, you have to try this to understand how much more deeply centered you will feel when your nervous system drops back down to baseline. This is the most important component of deep healing, and is tremendously helpful for calming down a wired nervous system.

Hands will be placed under your neck and you will feel your internal stress dropping a few more notches. Justin will end off by holding your feet to ground you. It will be utter bliss.

Why is Zen Out so Special?

Zen Out is basically Craniosacral Therapy preceded by Deep Tissue Release. The practitioner is working through 2 layers of your body. The first layer is the muscles; the second layer is your nervous system.

While the light touch of craniosacral therapy works primarily on the nervous system, it is sometimes jarring to immediately get a session consisting primarily of light  touch.

The superimposition of skilled deep tissue release prepares the body to absorb all it can from when the light touch happens. At the same time, all those tight muscles which you have are also worked on.

Who Should Get Zen Out?

You will benefit the most if:

1. You are experiencing certain level of intense stress in your life.

2. You are a mother, and you hold a lot of tension in your system. You are wired and tired.

3. You are just gave birth, are very tired, but still hold of tension in your body as you recover postpartum.

4. Your wife has sent you here because you are a high-functioning executive who will function even better with this in your life. Check out Zen Out for Men.

5. You relax deeply when receiving deep tissue massage

6. Your nervous system responds favorably when receiving Craniosacral Therapy. CST is deeply centering for you.

Why You Should Try Zen Out

If you have not had this treatment before, you will be asking why try it?

New Mother’s Syndrome: If you are a new mother who has been worn down by pregnancy and childbirth, and you need one session to turn things around, this has to be it.

Busy Executive: If you are busy top-level executive, this can be what allows you to continue running the race. If you have a husband who is that busy executive, then Zen Out is for him. Check out Zen Out for Men.

Recovering from Chronic Illness: For some patients suffering from a chronic health condition, the condition continues to exert a certain level of stress and inflammation on the body. This often leads to a nervous system that is very wired, prone to irritability, temper outbursts, resentment, grief. Zen Out brings the nervous system back to baseline so that your body is able to begin feeling lighter.

Just try one session to feel what your body has missed out on!

Can I add on Cupping?

Zen Out is basically Craniosacral Therapy preceded by Deep Tissue Release. Over time, depending on the person seeking treatment, many have requested adding on a cupping component. Suction cups will be planted onto tight areas on the back during the Deep Tissue Release part of the session.

While the cups are left on, you will begin to experience a gradual loosening of the fascia across the entire back. Cupping is not for everyone, but for those who want it, you just have to let our practitioner know!

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