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Postpartum confinement is not only for your body to recover from the marathon it has run from conception to birth; it also has far-reaching consequences when it comes to improving your body constitution and resetting your baseline.

As early as during the second trimester of pregnancy, the couple will would mix and match different providers to support the new mum in different ways, e.g. hire a confinement nanny, order in confinement food, buy herbs to make soups and teas, etc.

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There are three areas to prepare for when it comes to traditional confinement support:

1. Confinement Nanny or Substitute

Many couples decide to get a confinement nanny. You can get a confinement nanny through providers like or you may find them through friends or family who know that particular confinement nanny from Malaysia or even Indonesia. It really helps to have a confinement nanny around, as they have experience in traditional confinement practices. In addition to making sure the new mother is doing alright, the confinement nanny will be guiding the new mum on how to carry or bathe your little one, how to calm your baby down, how to breastfeed, etc. In addition, the confinement nanny will help with cooking your meals, making the red date teas, or even cook the confinement herbal soups. The confinement nanny is your in-house traditional confinement expert.

Unless you decide to do it on your own – not recommended! We have heard enough stories of husbands trying to be the sole care-giver. While this sounds chivalrous and self-sacrificing of the husband, it really may be more prudent to have an extra pair of hands in the house.

Sometimes, the mother or mother-in-law decides that they can do as good a job as a confinement nanny. While there are many older mothers who are already experienced in confinement practice, this alternative must really be deliberated very intentionally.

If you can afford to have a nanny in-house, there can be clearer demarcation of roles, because it is not uncommon for there to be strained relations because someone or other is offended or feels rejected despite their good intentions.

If there is a confinement nanny, usually there is a standard protocol that the nanny is familiar with. We are used to working with new mums who are supported by confinement nannies or their substitutes.

2. Confinement Food

Some couples decide they don’t need a confinement nanny. This means that there is no nanny to cook for them, with the following people as candidates for kitchen-in-charge: husband, mother or mother-in-law.

If you can afford it, you can also outsource your cooking. Hospitals provide confinement food packages, but oftentimes, it makes more sense to get food made by a dedicated providers like Tian Wei Signature.

Some of the more well-known dishes you should consume during confinement are Sesame Chicken, Black Chicken Soup and Papaya Fish Soup.

What you want is a provider who makes confinement food like a nanny will, and not the kind of food you can get at a cai png store. You want confinement that makes your body feel substantially warm, yet does not cause you to ‘catch fire’ and have a dry or sore throat.

You don’t want to fall sick from using overly heaty food during confinement! Ideally, the food is warm enough to invigorate circulation so as to facilitate postpartum recovery in the new mother.

3. Confinement Soups, Teas and Baths

Historically, the couple will go to the medical hall to buy the herbs for confinement soup and teas. These medical halls provide a confinement herbal package for 28 days: madam partum confinement soup, hft confinement soup, laobanniang confinement soup, eu yan sang confinement soup.

Sometimes, the confinement nanny has her own way of sourcing the herbs, from which she will prepare the red date teas, the confinement soups and even the confinement food.

The herbs she buys will almost always include ginger, angelica sinensis (dang gui), codonopsis (dang shen) and goji berries. Many of these herbs will often be in the meals she prepares for the new mother.

If it is not the nanny preparing these soups, the responsibility then lies on the husband, the new mother’s mum or her mother-in-law to prepare on a daily basis for 28 days.

Why Soma Clinic Confinement Soups?

At Soma Clinic, our confinement soups are designed for you and prepared for you. Our clinic focuses on treating postpartum conditions. We have been treating women with postpartum conditions for the last decade and are familiar with how recovery progresses during confinement. Soma Clinic’s Confinement Soups are focused on one aspect where we add TREMENDOUS value – individual optimization of herbs. Every mother’s postpartum journey is so unique and individual. For true optimization, the first 4 weeks of soups that you drink daily SHOULD be personalized and customized to how your body changes during those 28 days.

You don’t want 28 days of soups with different names that seem to cover everything from appetite to breast milk to the Spleen and Kidneys. In reality, you require stronger doses of soups made for the unique conditions that present during these 28 days. We want to intentionally pivot if you turn out to need more breast milk support, or if your body cannot take herbs that are too warming, or if lochia clearance is delayed. Recover Confinement Soups deliver MORE VALUE to you than any generic package you buy ahead of time. No, you don’t need one day of soups for the brain, another day for the Stomach, another day for the Kidneys. As any second-time mum will tell you, you can’t really predict what will happen postpartum. And you really want the confinement soups to fit the exact situation that presents. We do that very well.

Confinement Soups Need to be Personalized!

Soma Clinic Confinement Soups are designed for a new mum to fully benefit from a personalized postpartum recovery plan using Chinese Herbs. Your potions will be packed with nutrients that are relevant to you. They will be delivered to your home and are very easy to use!

Your soups are formulated based on an assessment of your body type. They are modified based on your presenting conditions during the first 28 days.

– Your body type will tell us how to optimally warm you up without over-heating you.

– Your presenting conditions will force us to pivot and alter our herbal strategy to ensure your recovery is optimized. For example, we will not know if you need more herbal support to clear out lochia. We do not know if you will present with insufficient breast milk or mastitis. We do not know if the herbs are too warming or not warming enough, until you begin using them.

Your soups are modified on an ongoing basis during the 28 days. There are immense health benefits that come from optimizing your postpartum recovery. Our task is to optimize your recovery while you focus on being a mother or resting. Soma Clinic Confinement Soups are exceptionally nutrient-dense. You will taste it immediately. Drinking our customized soups means putting the best nutrients into your postpartum body to optimize your postpartum recovery.

Why use Soma Clinic Confinement Soups?

Put simply, you have a trusted TCM to consult with for these 28 days. He will personalize and concoct your confinement soups for you during this crucial phase of motherhood.

Designed For You

Soma Clinic Confinement Soups optimize your postpartum recovery by (1) Understanding your body type and past history. (2) Preparing herbs that are suitable for you. (3) Tweaking your formulation depending on how the situation changes. You should not be buying a generic pack of herbs for 28 days when you don’t know ahead of time the situations that may arise during your postpartum recovery.

If your herbs are too weak, they should be strengthened. If they are too heaty, we should make modifications. If you feel you need more qi-boosting herbs, we will calibrate upwards. If you have insufficient milk or mastitis, changes should be made. Your Confinement Soups should not be an afterthought. We should pivot with each presenting issue during the first 28 days. We have your back during this crucial phase of motherhood!

Prepared For You

Soma Clinic Confinement Soups are formulated and prepared for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Nor does your nanny, when she can be busy making those delicious meals for you! Our soups are pressure-cooked to extract all the goodness necessary, so that you get only nutrient-dense herbal support. No one needs to take on the onerous task of boiling herbs for a long time. Not you, not your husband, mother or MIL. Not even the Nanny, who has better thing to do with the food and your baby!

What you have to do: (1) transfer the potion from the fridge into a cup, (2) warm it up with boiled water, and (3) drink it down. Soma Clinic Confinement Soups are pressure-cooked to perfection! When time is your most precious commodity, these nutrient-dense soups pack a punch and are easy to use!


Can I Drink Confinement Soups if I Had a C-Section?

One frequently asked question about confinement soup is whether it is safe to consume after a C-section. The answer is two-fold:

Confinement soups are mostly tonifying in nature. As tonic, their purpose is to supplement and build up on what is inadequate or drained away when giving birth to your baby.

Tonics, while they provide the necessary supplementation, can be pro-inflammatory when taken in excess. This is why the foods, soups and drinks used in confinement are considered heaty. This is also why we hear of new mum consuming too many heaty tonics which then result in this feeling of ‘too hot’ or dry throat, dry cough or even fever.

In the context of a C-section, confinement soups should be consumed, but you should monitor how your body feels as you continue to consume confinement foods and soups while C-section scar gradually recovered.

Can I Drink Confinement Soups if I am Vegetarian?

If you are a vegetarian, you can still enjoy the benefits of our confinement soups. You just need to let us know, as we are very familiar to making herbal formulations for vegetarians.

Of course you will be including ingredients like mushrooms and tofu in your postpartum menu. If you are vegetarian, it is even more crucial that you use our confinement soups after giving birth. We can put together plant-based formulations that provide a boost to your strength and vitality without the inclusion of animal products.

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