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Your 28 days of confinement have to be suitable for you.

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Our confinement soup package is 100% personalized, specifically crafted to match YOUR body’s postpartum needs!

You can’t just consume any confinement soup without knowing if it’s what your body needs at that moment.

Every mother’s postpartum journey is unique and individual.

Ideal for Mommies Who Are...

  • Seeking a full recovery.
  • Preparing her own daily soup remedies.
  • Whether through natural or C-section birth.
  • Planning to breastfeed.
  • Wanting to recover but not wanting to get too heaty.
  • Searching for convenient soup packs.
  • Don’t want to water time and energy on making the herbs.
  • Seeking optimal recovery.

How to Drink?

Designed for You, Prepared for You.

You will receive a confinement herbs package AND you’ll benefit from personalized care throughout your postpartum journey.

[1] We are offering a reliable TCM professional for guidance during these 28 days.

[2] You will get herbs that are created for your body type, and tweaked as your body changes.

[3] We will brew the confinement herbs for you so you don’t have to do it yourself.

[4] Everything will be delivered to your doorstep.

[5] Weekly follow-up consults with your TCM.

How Can Our Confinement Soups Benefit You?

  • Expedite Lochia Clearance: Lochia clearance is under-emphasized as an integral part of postpartum confinement. For some woman, herbal formulas for this have to be consumed for longer than the usual three days. We will also add on more herbs for blood movement if needed, because when lochia is cleared, the womb heals much faster!
  • Replenish Qi and blood: In most situations, our soups will contain adaptogenic herbs like Angelica and Astragalus help rebuild Qi and Blood depleted during childbirth. These are the same herbs that support tissue repair and overall recovery.
  • Nourish the spleen and stomach: Our soups will always include herbs that facilitate digestive function, so that you can absorb all your nutrient in the most optimal way possible.
  • Support milk production: Ingredients will be added to soups if your milk supply is not enough. If your milk supply is sufficient, you will not need to further boost supply, so our formulation really depends on what your postpartum milk situation is.
  • Boost milk quality: Rich in herbs that build blood and regulate the flow of fluids in the body, our soups are formulated so that your milk quality is optimized.
  • Warm the body & dispel “dampness”: Herbs used are generally on the warm side. They are calibrated to ensure you have good warmth that enhances circulation and water clearance.
  • Strengthen immunity: Herbs that build qi and blood will be mixed with other herbs to boost the immune system during this vulnerable time.
  • Promote relaxation & sleep: Calming herbs are added in your soups if you start presenting with signs of anxiety or the feeling of ‘wired but tired.’
  • Ensure you do not get too heaty: We want to warm you up, but we do not want you to ‘catch fire!’

What Makes Our Confinement Soups Stand Out?

Not only will you receive a confinement soup package, but you’ll also benefit from personalized care throughout your postpartum journey from your dedicated TCM practitioner.

  1. Initial Consultation. Your dedicated TCM practitioner will help you understand your body type, prepare herbs that are suitable for you and plan your formulation for any unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Email Consultations. Stay connected with our specialized TCM practitioner for support and advice.
  3. Tailored Herbal Formulations. Your herbal remedies will be adjusted as your recovery progresses.
  4. Integration with Support Network. Whether you have a nanny or order confinement food, we’ll guide you on creating the confinement herb soups.
  5. Flexible Adjustments. Your herbal formulations will be modified to adapt to any unforeseen changes during confinement.

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So, How Does It Work?

1. We provide a trusted TCM expert for consultation throughout these 28 days. This is because things might change, and the herbs need to fit your situation.

2. Our TCM expert will make personalized confinement herbs to help you recover well. You’ll still prepare your own Red Date Teas and Confinement Food, but we’ll take care of the most important part: the Confinement Herbs.

3. We’ll brew the herbs for you using special cookers! This means your caregiver can focus on other tasks like looking after the baby or doing household chores.

4. We’ll deliver the herbs to your doorstep, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

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Is It Safe to Drink Confinement Soups After a C-Section?

One common question about confinement soup is its safety post-C-section. While it can be beneficial for recovery, consulting with your doctor or healthcare provider is crucial before consuming it.

Certain ingredients like ginger and Chinese herbs in the soup may aid in healing. However, it’s essential to proceed with caution and adhere to your doctor’s advice regarding new foods post-surgery.

I'm a Vegetarian, Can I Enjoy Confinement Soups Too?

Vegetarians can also indulge in the benefits of confinement soup. Numerous vegetarian-friendly recipes feature ingredients like mushrooms, tofu, and assorted vegetables. Moreover, customizing your recipe with preferred vegetables and herbs enhances its suitability to your taste and dietary preferences.

Vegetarian confinement soups offer similar nourishing advantages as their meat-based counterparts, such as bolstering immunity, aiding digestion, and facilitating postpartum recovery.

Can I Share The Confinement Soups with My Partner or Other Family Members?

The comforting warmth of confinement soups isn’t just for new mamas! Share these ancient broths of love and nourishment with your partner, fueling their energy and creating shared memories.

Extend the care to your family, honoring traditions and offering dietary support while strengthening bonds. Remember, adjust portions, consider preferences, and prioritize hygiene – then let the nourishing magic flow, embracing the joy of motherhood with every delicious spoonful, together.

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This is so we can get back to you on Whatsapp to schedule an appointment.
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